Sleepstation West Kent Add to Your Support

Are you finding it difficult to sleep? If you live in West Kent you can access the free NHS Therapy Sleepstation which is a 7 week online therapy course for insomnia which is clinically proven to be as effective as face to face treatment. The online therapy course is tailored to each individual user and helps users to fall asleep faster and stay asleep during the night. The course begins with a free assessment which you can take now to see if the treatment might be right for you.

You can refer yourself into this free service and see a NHS funded therapist.

Sleepstation: 0333 800 9404 or email support@sleepstation.org they accept GP or self-referrals. To go to their website follow the link: sleepstation.org.uk

Sleepstation provide counselling and support for insomnia and anxiety.   

If this is not the therapy you require there are several other talking therapy providers in your area so if one has a waiting list why not try another therapy provider go to our list of local NHS Talking Therapy providers which you can find on our Free NHS Counselling and Therapy page.