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LGBT Help and Support

This is the Live It Well LGBT (lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender) page. In this page we have listed some national and local organisations that help and support the specific needs of the LGBT community.

We are interested in listing more local and national resources that might be of interest to the LGBT community, if you have any suggestions please email us by clicking here sending us the information.

National Information and Help

Fflag – Is a national organisation for families and friends of Lesbians and Gay people. 

The Mix – Offers free confidential help and advice for young people under the age of 25.

Switchboard LGBT – Offers details of helplines and instant messaging support and information to lesbian, gay, bisexual & transgendered communities..

PACE Health – Provide health and wellbeing information to the LGBT community.

Pink Therapy – The UK’s largest independent therapy organisation working with gender and sexual diversity clients.

Stonewall – A national campaign organisation promoting gay rights and they provide a free information service.

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For the Transgendered Community

The Beaumont Society – A national self help body run by and for those who cross-dress or are trans-sexual.

GIRES (Gender Identity Research and Education Society) – GIRES provides information for trans people, their families and the professionals who care for them.

Mermaids – A support group for children and teenagers with gender identity issues.

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Local Support and Information

Medway Gender & Sexual Diversity Centre – The MGSD provides counselling, individual and group peer support and information on sexual health and well being for LGBT, intersex people or people questioning their sexuality or gender. Services are available to individuals, partners, family and friends. email them on info@mgsd-centre.org or call on 01634 408668 or go to the website www.mgsd-centre.org

Speakup CIC – An organisation  for mental health service users in the Thanet, Dover, Deal and Ashford areas of East Kent. 

Transgender Peer Associates Limited – TGPALS provide Transgender support in Kent and the South East. 

Metro are able to offer Free Counselling for LGBTQ Young People in Kent and Medway and their families. This counselling gives young people the chance to talk about issues that are troubling them find out more here: Contact Fred Crossman: 020 8305 5009 or email fred@metrocharity.org.uk. For more information see the Chat Youth Counselling Information sheet or to see the work that Metro Centre are doing go to: www.metrocentreonline.org.

If you run a LGBT specific organisation or support group in Kent or Medway which helps support people experiencing mental health issues and would like to be added to our information please contact us with your information by clicking here.

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Reports and Surveys for LGBT Community

Here was have linked to recent reports and surveys about the LGBT community:

Youth Chances 2014 – report into the experiences of LGBTQ young (16-25) people in England.  To find out more about Youth Chances follow the link: www.youthchances.org

Lesbian and Bisexual Womens Survey, Prescription for Change 2008 – undertaken by Stonewall (information above).

Gay and Bisexual Mens Health Survey – undertaken by Stonewall (information above).

Trans Mental Health and Emotional Wellbeing Study 2012

Click on the above links to go through to the surveys.

Live It Well wants to ensure that the LGBT community in Kent and Medway are supported to maintain their wellbeing and would welcome additional suggestions for this page to email us go through to our contact page.

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