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Six Ways to Wellbeing

How is your wellbeing? It is sometimes difficult for us to think about how we feel emotionally and if we are not feeling great then it can be useful to be aware of this so we can ask for help and extra support,. The Mood Checker we have embedded is provided by NHS Choices and looks a different aspects of your wellbeing, moods and feelings. It is designed to help you understand how you feel and you should answer based on how you have been feeling over the last two weeks.

You may find that your mood usually goes both up and down, so use this questionnaire to monitor it over time but remember, it is not intended to replace a consultation with a GP if you are struggling. If you do feel like you need some extra support you can if you are based in Kent refer yourself into the NHS Counselling services that provide CBT, you can read more about the services that they can treat and now to refer into this free service here.

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Evaluate the Wellbeing of your Project

Are you running a project where you are promoting better wellbeing for the participants and you would like to know if your project has had a positive impact and made a difference to people’s wellbeing? Or do you need to provide evaluation evidence to help support a project bid or business case or just to add into a final report?

If your project is based in Kent, Kent County Council’s Public Health Mental Wellbeing team could be able to help you to use the Warwick-Edinburgh Mental Wellbeing Scale (WEMWBS) to measure the wellbeing of the participants at your project. We have written a guide with supporting documentation help you decide.

If you are interested in working with us to evaluate wellbeing please first read our Evaluating Wellbeing guide here.

Additional reading about WEMWBS can be found at the below links:

  1. Using WEMWBS to measure the impact of your work on mental wellbeing: A practice-based user guide.
  2. Using WEMWBS to measure the impact of your work on mental wellbeing: A practice-based user guide.
  3. Warwick-Edinburgh Mental Well-being Scale (WEMWBS) User Guide Version 1.

To find out more about WEMWBS see the slide show below.

“The Warwick-Edinburgh Mental Well-being Scale was funded by the Scottish Government National Programme for Improving Mental Health and Well-being, commissioned by NHS Health Scotland, developed by the University of Warwick and the University of Edinburgh, and is jointly owned by NHS Health Scotland, the University of Warwick and the University of Edinburgh.”

To find out more about WEMWBS go to NHS Health Scotland’s website by following the link.