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Help With Personal Budgets and Direct Payments

Personal Budgets and Direct Payments is complicated and is often confusing at first. You might need some help and support in understanding what is available to you. Some people need support in thinking about what their social care needs are; others need help in designing their own care / support plan.

Kent County Council have produced some Factsheets to help you:

In addition there are some Easy Read versions:

Other people who could help you:

  • Your Key Worker or Care Coordinator is there to talk you through the process and help you identity your social care needs and outcomes as well as linking you into what is available to you in your community.
  • Ask a trusted friend or family member.
  • Some local voluntary organisations may be able to help support you in this process.
  • Service User Forums may be able to help you. To find out more about your local service user forum click here.
  • You may be entitled to an advocate to help you – ask your key worker if you can be referred to one.
  • Independent Support Brokers may also be available in your area, If you decide to use a professional brokerage service you may need to pay their fee out of your Personal Budget. You can find out about  brokerage services from your key worker or by contact Project SWAP or Signpost UK.

There is additional information about Self Directed Support online:

One of the best external sites is In-Control – click here for their website. In Control also produce some guides and factsheets about personalisation. You can access these by clicking here.

If I have a problem with getting a Personal Budget, who can I contact about this?

If you have a concern or a suggestion about any service, you should first try to write or speak to your key worker, care co-ordinator, or the person who works with you most closely.

If you are not happy with their response, you could contact the KMPT for more information.

If you live in Kent you can contact the Kent County Council complaints department, click here for more information.

Or if you live in Medway you can contact Medway Complaints Department, click here for more information.

The complaints officer will investigate your complaint and send you a written reply within a set number of days.