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Why not take up a way to wellbeing – there are six to choose from and making a small change to your life can make a big difference. The Six Ways to Wellbeing – connect, give, take notice, keep learning, be active and care – can lift your mood and help you to cope with life gets stressful.   Go to the Six Ways to Wellbeing and see how people in Kent are doing simple, enjoyable things that make a big difference to how they feel.

Six Ways to Wellbeing Kent and Medway What’s new on the Six Ways to Wellbeing?: 

“It’s quite nice to take what was a tree and recycle it into something functional.”   The art of wellbeing: Simon creates beautiful structures out of old wood and stones:Find out more at our Six Ways to Wellbeing Care for the Planet page here. 

“I would do it on Monday for an hour before I did my paperwork.  And that would set me up for achieving my goal on a Monday morning, which is great.”  Michelle on how Race for Life inspired her to be active on a regular basis. To find out more go to our Be Active: Six Ways to Wellbeing page.

“You go to places in the middle of nowhere and they’re only 5 miles outside town and you’ve never even heard of them!” Being a volunteer helps Donald to take notice – and appreciate – Kent: go to our Take Notice: Six Ways to Wellbeing page to find out moreand if you see a part of Kent with fresh eyes, take a photo of it and enter it into our Feel Good Photo competition.

We’d love your stories on how being out and about improves your mood. Visit our Facebook Live It Well Kent  and share it with us.

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We are also using our facebook page www.facebook.com/LiveItWellKent to promote the Six Ways to Wellbeing and will be following people all around Kent as they begin to adopt one of the Six Ways as well as sharing handy hints and tips on how you can adopt one of the Six Ways to Wellbeing.  To find out more and to see some suggestions how you too can adopt one of the Six Ways of Wellbeing.

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Remember if you have any suggestions or ideas for the Live It Well website, if you want to publicise a wellbeing event or have any news or stories of experiences you want to share we always want to hear from you contact us by clicking here. Let us know your ideas and suggestions for the future or anything else you would like to see on the site by clicking here.

Above we have listed some key areas that might be of interest but if you want to find something specific and don’t quite know where to find it have a look in the site map or contact us and we will do our best to help you.

Live It Well is promoting better wellbeing for Kent and Medway and the Six Ways to Wellbeing. Get better mental health and improve your wellbeing with Live It Well.

August 2014

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