Add to Your Support

Instructions for Searching on the Local Database and Your Support

Live It Well have a extensive database of free or low cost help available in your community or nationally. Here you can find the instructions for searching on the local database and your support. So you can link in to the help you need locally.

What is this?

A searchable database of local & national organisations, resources and help.

How do I use this?

Help With What?

This section lists some main areas that you might want to search under – click on the ‘Show Options’ link to see what options are available. Choose the option you want to search under.

Where Are You?

To get local information and organisations choose the area of Kent and Medway listed that is closest to you.

Who Are You?

If you want to you can choose the option that is relevant to you.

Recovery Star?

If you use the recovery star resource you can search for local information mapped to the Recovery Star. To find out more about the recovery star and to see the recovery star options for your local area click here.

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How Many Search Options Can I Choose?

It is up to you, you can choose as many as you want to. We would suggest that you choose at least two.  i.e. I need help caring for someone (tick box) and I live in Dartford Gravesham & Swanley (tick box), this will probably give you a good list of results, but it is up to you.

There is no limit on the number of searches you do but try not to narrow your search down too much.

If you only choose one option i.e. housing (tick box) then you will see the whole list of resources covering Kent and Medway which may make it difficult for you to find help that is relevant to you in your local area

You can choose some, all or none of the search box options but we would suggest that you choose at least two.

News & Other Items?

If you don’t just want to look at the Live It Well local resource list you can also search the news items and pages of the website. Just tick the ‘Include News & articles’ box. This will mean you can search the pages on the website and any Live It Library relevant stories.

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Other Search Text?

If the help you are looking for is not listed under the ‘Help With What’ option then type what you want to find help with in the Other Search Text box i.e. eating disorders, smoking, getting active and then press search. If you want to suggest a resource for the database, national or local please email the Live It Well website by clicking here.

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Your Support

What is Add to Your Support?

Every entry in the database and website now appears with an ‘add to my support’ shopping basket on the top right of the entry. This looks like Figure 1:

Add To Your Support

Figure 1





When searching if you come across a resource, page or information relevant to you, you can now add this information into ‘Your Support’ basket. Your Support enables you to have a download a list of resources and information in a PDF format which you can downloaded, saved, printed or emailed.

Your Support Handbook

What is this?

When you have added items into ‘Your Support’ they will appear as articles in the ‘Your Support Handbook’ which is at the top right of the website and is shown in Figure 2.

Your Support

Figure 2


If you Click to View ‘Your Support Handbook’ you will be shown a list of items that you added to the Your Support shopping basket.

Here you can remove items here or change the order in which they will appear in the PDF – its up to you!



Then click on View PDF and you will be asked if you want to open or save the Your Support PDF.

If you choose ‘Open’ the information you require will appear in a PDF for you to print, save, email it or read.

If you choose ‘Save’ then you can save My Support to your computer where you can print, email it or read.

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