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Accessing Mental Health Services

If you’ve been diagnosed with a mental health condition and want to read more about it, Mind have an excellent A – Z guide available. You can find out more by clicking here. The Royal College of Psychiatrists also produce a lot of guides and information about mental health, to access their website click here.

In an Emergency

In an crisis, if your GP surgery is closed then look in our Need Help Now section. For more advice, click here.

Free NHS Counselling and Therapy

There is free NHS counselling and therapy services available in Kent, to see details of these local services go to our NHS Counselling and Therapy page.


If you’re feeling low, depressed or are having problems with stress or your mental wellbeing, the first place you should go is to see your GP.

Not only is your GP experienced and trained in medical ailments, they also have experience and knowledge about how to treat your mental wellbeing. They can help you find out what treatment and therapy is suitable and available to you. As well as your GP being able to help you on your way back to mental wellbeing, they will also have access to your full medical history and that will help them in making a more informed decision.

Don’t worry about seeing your doctor if you are experiencing wellbeing difficulties, they deal with similar instances every working day. Going to your GP should be your first step back to your wellbeing. Recognising that you need additional support can be difficult, but your GP is there to help you. Realising you are not alone and are not reacting in an inappropriate way is very heartening.  Above all, the GP can listen without judgment or criticism, something which friends and relatives cannot always manage because they are ‘too close’ or involved in the problem themselves. If your GP thinks it is appropriate he may refer you to the Community Mental Health Team (CMHT) in your local area, for more information on Community Mental Health Teams click here.

Doc Ready is an online resource to help you prepare for a visit to your GP to talk about your mental health,  Doc Ready has information about what you can expect from a GP visit from what a GP can help you with, how to find a GP, knowing your rights and making the most of your visit. Doc Ready has an online checklist maker for you to work out the things you want to speak to your GP about. GP’s use what you tell them as a way to work out what might best help. If you don’t tell them enough, they won’t have enough information to suggest anything useful. To go to the Doc Ready website follow this link: www.docready.org

For more information on how to find and register with a GP click here.

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