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Community Mapping

Community Mapping (sometimes called asset mapping) is all about involving residents in identifying the assets of their neighbourhood, looking at opportunities and creating a picture of what it is like to live there. The exercise is a valuable and effective method of community engagement simply because maps are visual and easy to relate to; like photos and videos they cut through communication difficulties to reveal feelings and ideas which otherwise might be hard to express.

Community Mapping Toolkit

Every community has assets; facilities such and libraries and community centres, valued businesses, parks are obvious. But most importantly the people and their capacities; organised community groups or individuals who have skills and talents. All of these things can be mapped to create a picture of the community which shows its capacity and it’s potential. Community mapping can encourage people become powerful advocates for the transformation of the spaces in which they live, becoming more civically minded in the process. It can also foster a sense of environmental and community responsibility in local residents.

This toolkit will help you to conduct your own community mapping, from preparation through execution to possibilities you may want to consider as you move forward. Depending on who you are able to involve in your mapping exercise, your findings may have far reaching implications; such as an agreed Neighbourhood Action Plan for your area, or being able to seriously influence planning and policy decisions for the benefit of your community. The process can also bring people together and get them talking about community matters and valuing what already exists, which is always a good thing.

If you want to  know more about community mapping or to find our more about the project please email mentalwellbeing@kent.gov.uk

This toolkit was produced by ESRO in partnership with Kent County Councils Public Health Department

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