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Ways to Wellbeing

What do we mean by wellbeing?

Wellbeing is a term that covers many different areas within our lives. In its simplest form it could be defined as simply feeling good and being physically well, we know though, through experience, that wellbeing is not as simple as that.Six Ways to Wellbeing

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The latest scientific research indicates that, as well as feeling happy, to experience wellbeing people need:

  • Their own strength and energy
  • To link into to self directed activities that are meaningful and engaging for them
  • The inner resilience and ability to be able to handle situations when they arise

Wellbeing will mean different things for all of us, here though you will find some suggestions as to how you can make sure you get your Six Ways to Wellbeing as well as simple ways to maintain your physical health and how to take steps to recovery. For our Six Ways to Wellbeing Campaign we have built on the five ways to wellbeing and added a sixth – Planet; sustainability and actions to grow you world and to care is important.

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