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Support Planning

Once you are aware of your social care needs that are eligible for a personal budget, you will need to create a support plan. This support plan can be made with the help of your key worker, friends, carers, family or even professional Independent Support Broker. Click here for more information.

What Your Care and Support Plan Should Contain

Your care/support plan should state:

  • what your eligible needs are
  • how you would like to meet them
  • what you want to achieve – what your goals are and what is important to you
  • how will you stay safe and well?
  • how will you be supported and if you want to or are employing anyone to provide your support?
  • does your support cost more than the money in your Estimated Personal Budget?
  • how do you want to receive the money in your Personal Budget?
  • who has helped you with your Support Plan or helped you decide what goes in your Support Plan?

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Meeting Your Eligible Needs

It is important to think about what your social care needs are and how you want them to be met, rather than thinking about what services are available. For example, if one of your eligible needs is for getting out of the house and mixing with other people, there are lots of different ways of meeting this need according to your own interests. Some ideas are listed below:

  • you might want a person to accompany you getting out and about to give you confidence
  • you might want to join a specific club or activity class
  • you might want to go along to a social club or a centre each week

Your plan should state what you think would best meet your needs and improve your quality of life, and how this could happen.

There is a lot of advice on the internet about support planning, some of the best resources can be found at the following web sites:
In Control
Shop 4 Support – Plan My Support

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Agreeing your Support Plan and Personal Budget

KMPT have a duty of care and responsibility towards you. They will only agree a support plan if they feel it will meet your identified social care needs. They should not approve a support plan if:

  • it places you in a dangerous situation
  • if it does not meet your social care needs
  • any risks that have been identified cannot be adequately managed

Any support plan that you develop will have to be shared with your key worker who will go through your plan with you to look at any risks involved in meeting your needs. Your final, agreed support plan should enable you to manage risks that are identified, so that you can live your life in the way that best suits you, as long as that doesn’t stop other people from doing the same.

KMPT will also need to agree your care plan so it can be sure that you will be using your Personal Budget to meet your assessed social care needs in a cost-effective way. This doesn’t mean that the local authority will only approve the cheapest way of meeting your needs, but it does mean they will consider how much your proposed plan will cost. However they will want to meet your needs in ways that are effective and that support you with good quality arrangements.

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Your Actual Personal Budget

Once your support plan as been agreed and costed you will be informed of the funds you will receive that will become your actual personal budget. You will also be told how long the budget is for, as all personal budgets in mental health in Kent and Medway will be time limited. Because everyone is different and may have different personal circumstances and needs there is no ‘standard’ amount of money that you will receive – it is personal to you.

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