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Looking for Work

If you are receiving help from a Community Mental Health Team you may be entitled to access one of the many employment services available in Kent and Medway, to find out more about these services click here. If you are not working with one of the Community Mental Health Teams there are still many ways that you can find employment.

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Your Skills and Experience

When starting your journey back to employment it is good to think about what skills or experience you have, either through jobs you have had in the past (paid or voluntary) or any life experience that you can bring to the workplace. Be realistic about your skills and your job prospects, you might want to be an astronaut and there is nothing wrong with having dreams, but this is not a job that’s openly available to someone without some serious qualifications and training!

Direct.Gov Jobseekers pages suggests thinking about the following:

  • did you develop any skills that will be useful in the job you’re looking for?
  • have you worked as part of a team?
  • did you need to share information with others?
  • did you follow or give instructions well?
  • are you a good timekeeper?
  • do you have IT skills?
  • did you get any qualifications?
  • were you praised for any part of your role?
  • personal and social skills

Ask yourself the following questions about life outside work:

  • do you get on well with people?
  • are you on a local committee or a member of a community organisation?
  • are you part of a team, (for example, a sports or quiz team)?
  • do you have skills from caring for your family, (for example, organisational skills)?
  • have you done any voluntary work?
  • have you been to any evening classes or training?

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Where to Look for Work?

There are a number of ways you can search for jobs:

  • through Jobcentre Plus 
  • through newspapers
  • through the internet
  • by registering with recruitment agencies
  • in trade journals
  • through friends and other people you know

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Voluntary Work

A great starting place for getting back into the work place, getting your confidence back, getting new skills, and adding to your CV, is volunteering. To find out more about the benefits of volunteering and where to find opportunities go to our Give section by clicking here.

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Full- or Part-Time Work?

As part of your steps to getting back into the workplace you might want to think about what working pattern will best suit you. It might be that part-time work will enable you to get back into the routine of working without the pressures of full-time employment, or you may feel that full-time work is more suitable and that you are ready to take this step.

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Additional Help

Direct.Gov has a lot of good advice and practical steps to getting back into work which includes:

  • planning your job hunting and what career is right for you
  • applications, letters and writing a CV
  • applying for a job online
  • help and advice when applying for a job
  • finding jobs and volunteering
  • Jobcentre Plus programmes and services

To access this information and more, click here.

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