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Drugs Advice

There are many reasons why people may turn to drugs, they may start taking drugs to fit in, they may feel anxious or they may wish to ‘block out’ bad experiences or sometimes substance abuse is a form of self medication. Some people may even take drugs because they feel bored or lonely, they might have difficulty in sleeping or even as a way to boost their self confidence.

There are lots of organisations that can offer you information, support help and advice:

If you are based in Kent click on the service below depending on the are where you live:

If  you live in East Kent Turning Point on 01322 278916, or you can access their website by clicking here.

If you are based in West Kent contact CRI at 01273 677 019 or to go to their website click here.

If you are based in Medway:

Contact KCA on 01634 571658.

Additional Information:

Talk to Frank contains lots of information about drugs, their effects and what to do if you are concerned about yourself or someone you know using them. Plus the site offers a 24 hour a day contact via MSN, or you can call, text or email them access their website by clicking here.

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