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Registering with a GP

It may be obvious but the first step to being able to maintain your health and well being is registering with a local doctor or GP (General Practitioner). Everyone in the UK has the right to be registered with a local GP.

To find your local GP surgery  – you can enter your postcode at the NHS choices website by clicking here or you can call NHS Direct 24 hours a day and they can advise you 0845 4647.

When you have found information on your local GP, telephone or visit the practice of your choice and ask to be registered. If the surgery agrees to add you to their list of patients, you will be asked to fill in an application form with details about yourself and your previous GP. It is helpful if you have your NHS medical card or your NHS number handy but this is not essential.  When you register with a new GP you may be invited to attend a new patient medical assessment and you should receive a new medical card in due course.

Registering with a GP Kent Medway Live It WellIf you have been diagnosed with schizophrenia, bipolar affective disorder, or psychosis, you are entitled to an annual health check at your GP practice. Ask at your GP practice if you would like one, the health check should include:

  • Taking your blood pressure
  • Checks on your weight and Body Mass Index (BMI)
  • Asking you about your alcohol consumption
  • (if you are 40+) Checks on your blood glucose and cholesterol levels
  • (if you are female aged 25 – 64) Checks on if you have accessed cervical screening in the past 5 years.

You can also talk with your doctor if you’re feeling low, depressed or are having problems with stress or your mental wellbeing as well as any physical health conditions. Doc Ready is an online resource to help you prepare for a visit to your GP to talk about your mental health,  Doc Ready has information about what you can expect from a GP visit from what a GP can help you with, how to find a GP, knowing your rights and making the most of your visit. Doc Ready has an online checklist maker for you to work out the things you want to speak to your GP about. GP’s use what you tell them as a way to work out what might best help. If you don’t tell them enough, they won’t have enough information to suggest anything useful. To go to the Doc Ready website follow this link: www.docready.org

In Kent and Medway there is the Health Help Now website which can help direct you to services. You can go to their website here: kent.healthhelpnow-nhs.net

or you can dial the NHS 111 service who will also be able to help to find out more about NHS 111 services follow the link.

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