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Health Screening

It is important that we all take care of our health and there are health screening service are available to ensure you stay physically healthy.

If at any time you are concerned about any symptoms you are experiencing, it is important that you see your GP (family doctor) as soon as possible.


One in three people in England are diagnosed with cancer at some time in their lives. It can occur at any age. Detecting most cancers early means that treatment is more likely to be successful.  Sometimes, noticing a small change, like a lump, changes to a mole or unexplained weight loss, can make a big difference to your health.

For screening and information about the following cancers please click on the relevant link below:

Sexual Health

Good sexual health doesn’t just have to be about getting tested for sexually transmitted diseases (STD), it could be finding out about contraception or even how to cope with the menopause or to increase fertility.

Ideally your first point of contact for any sexual health queries should be your GP, but if you don’t want to see your GP there are also a lot of clinics in the Kent and Medway area for you to get help and advice on sexual health and contraception.

Click on the links below to access local information:

NHS Choices also has a wide range of information on this subject, from contraception, fertility and menopause. For more information click here.

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